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Eco solutions

Eco solutions

“On the way to green building!”

There is nothing more precious than your own health and the health of your children. In today’s tech world to take care of the environment is especially important. We care about your healthy future and we want to make this world a better place! As a modern European construction company, BBNS Group tries to follow the international standards of quality and environmental safety. Green standards BREEAM, LEED and Green Star are already used in 21 countries. In Russia there is no national standard of green building yet. Our company has its own experts, who have evolved a new construction standard “Green Office” that follows high international requirements.

Also, BBNS Group is officially a member of the Green Building Council RuGBC. Council’s activities are focused on the creation and implementation of new technologies in the field of ecology-friendly construction in Russia. The organization is part of the World Green Building Council – the world’s largest movement for the development of green building.

Amel Djerroudi: “Just as the ideological leaders of the Council, we believe that the balance in the modern world is not possible without achieving harmony between the technosphere, nature and society. The construction industry plays a special role in this system. Just following the highest standards of environment-friendly construction, we can hope for a healthy and safe future. We hope that the joint efforts of the RuGBC members will help to solve this problem on the federal level”

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